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Fuel Fusion is the system, that lets you power the vehicle with mixture of diesel oil and gas. It gives many benefits. The most important one, for the majority of vehicle’s owners, is economical issue. But it doesn’t stop at that! You should also look at the ecological aspect.

Fuel Fusion lets the Diesel engines become more environmentally friendly. Thanks for our installations, all vehicles, both older and newer – designed including very strict ecological standards as EURO 6 – can emit much less pollution..

Help in the fight against smog

In the times, when the air quality becomes worse and worse, our duty as a human beings is to choose solutions that are better for the environment. Each of us should contribute in the fight for a better tomorrow for our planet.

Fuel Fusion is the system, that lets us reduce our negative influence on the environment. Adding some gas to diesel, you can reach for the ecological solutions, without changing current fleet.

Emissivity tests carried out in Polish research units

We conducted the research in cooperation with scientists from the Poznan University of Technology and employees of the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw. Thanks to them, we have proven that in a heavy truck that meets the most stringent EURO6 standard, our system allows you to reduce the emission of exhaust particles (PM) by 60-70% and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an additional 4.5%. As a result, we have proven that adding gas to diesel can make the vehicle more ecological.

Green fleet without vehicle replacement

Almost everyone knows, that the transport and the production are responsible for the huge amount of pollution. Machines, working in that market branches, are powered by high combustion engines.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who think – “diesel must smoke”. No, it doesn’t! You just have to add some gas to it. Fuel Fusion lets you reduce fumes emission in those sectors, WITHOUT replacing your fleet!

Reduction of exhaust emissions

We have already said that a vehicle equipped with the Fuel Fusion system becomes more ecological. Now let’s consider – how? The installation makes the engine get a mixture of two fuels – diesel and gas. The addition of LPG or CNG to diesel significantly changes the combustion process. As a result, the temperature in the engine is slightly higher, combustion becomes more complete, and particulate and carbon dioxide emissions are – almost completely – reduced.


They are huge part of the smog that cities struggle with. Where do they come from? Particulate matters are found in exhaust gases. They pose a threat to both the environment and ourselves. They are very small and light, so they float in the air, and enter our bodies when we breathe. They are responsible for many of the civilization diseases, e.g. respiratory diseases, allergies and cancer. The Fuel Fusion system reduces the emission of particulate matters in the exhaust gases of vehicles – in the case of those meeting the EURO6 standard – by as much as 60-70%. For older vehicles, the reduction can be even greater.


Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound that is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. One of the sources of CO2 emissions are combustion cars. The carbon dioxide, emitted from their exhaust pipes, is produced as a result of the combustion of carbon contained in the fuel.

Due to the fact that the mixture of gas in diesel engines binds substances, leading to their complete burnout, CO2 emissions noticeably decrease. The Fuel Fusion system allows you to reduce its emissions by up to 4.5%.

Many people ask themselves – are LPG or CNG ecological? Yes! There is not the slightest doubt about this. It is common knowledge that LPG and CNG are considered to be alternative fuels.

Many international and national institutions define these fuels in this way in their official documents. Moreover, a Diesel engine powered by diesel and gas (dual fuel system) is considered by many to be an alternative fuel vehicle. Although not all drivers know it, LPG and CNG are not only cheap, but also an ecological fuel. That’s why the government’s recognition of Fuel Fusion vehicles as alternative fuel should come as no surprise to anyone.

Poland is of course no exception here. Many countries and international organizations refer to gaseous fuels and dual fuel installations in a similar way.

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Green Fleet

Ekologiczna flota z Fuel Fusion

In order to develop business, entrepreneurs must constantly look for opportunities to introduce new solutions. Some of them are more revolutionary than others. The dominant trend at the moment is to reach for environmentally friendly solutions and that’s great! Modern technologies should be created with our planet in mind. The Fuel Fusion system is perfect for this. Thanks to it, your diesel will become more ecological – it will significantly reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Does taking care of the environment have to be difficult? Fuel Fusion is proof that no. The implementation of the system does not turn the company’s operations upside down. Why replace your fleet when you can upgrade your current one? Why force operators and drivers to change their habits and learn how to operate new machines when you can invest in a maintenance-free gas installation?

Fuel Fusion will be a huge step into the future for your company, but you can do it with almost no effort. Add gas to diesel and move towards ecology.

Fuel Fusion and the transport of goods to discount stores?

Goods transportation to the discount stores is a very important part of transport industry. It lets you buy food, cleaning supplies, magazines and many other products. Unfortunately, the transport of the most necessary goods, also pollutes the environment. All these beautiful, colourful boxes, which will soon tempt us on store shelves, have “on their conscience” a whole lot of pollution, going into the atmosphere. Is there any way to fix this?

Of course! It only the products could be supplied by companies that use vehicles equipped with Fuel Fusion. Thanks to this, transport will be much friendlier to the environment. In addition, owners of transport companies will be able to save money by replacing part of the diesel fuel they burn with much cheaper gas. This way everyone will win, especially the Earth.

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