Fuel Fusion is a dual-fuel powered system for Diesel engines developed by our company, Dual Fuel Systems. It was created to work with vehicles and machines with high-combustion engines, replacing some of the diesel oil with gas. Vehicle, that runs on a mixture with added gas, is officially considered a vehicle working on alternative fuel.

What are the benefits of Fuel Fusion?

Investing in gas installation to your Diesel engine lets you:

reduce fuel costs,,

increase your vehicle power,,

increase your vehicle range on a single refuelling,

generate precise reports on the operation of the system (you will receive information about the volume of combustion of both fuels, among other things).

Fuel Fusion w ciężąrówce

Our system is maintenance-free. Its electronic control unit (ECU) constantly monitors the work parameters of the gas installation and the vehicle, adjusting the amount of injected gas to the current situation and the work of the engine. Therefore, it maximizes savings, without putting the engine on danger. The system has security features such as: self-diagnostic system of the injector and protection against too high exhaust gas temperature, which makes it completely safe for the engine. Moreover, the ECU saves statistics in its internal memory. It lets you to generate detailed reports, which allows you calculate precise savings.

What is the price of the system?

The price of the gas installation to Diesel engine can be considered significant. In the case of many vehicles, the system cost pay for itself after driving couple several tens of thousands of kilometres. For some of the vehicles, the return on investment occurs after less than a year. If the fuel consumption is high or the vehicle is heavily used, the investment will pay off even faster.

The more Diesel your machine consumes, the more Fuel Fusion help you save

Where can our system work?

Fuel Fusion is universal system and can be installed in every vehicle and machine with high-combustion engine. System has been installed in:

  • trucks,,
  • municipal vehicles,,
  • construction machinery and other special vehicles,,
  • agricultural machinery,,
  • power generators and more.

We had even the opportunity to install it in barges, motor boats, public transport buses and in many other machines.

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