CNG system for Diesel power generators

Sometimes you can’t rely on the power supplied by the power station or renewable energy sources. In many cases you have to use power generators – sometimes you use it just as a support, sometimes as a main electricity source.

Power generators are mostly used on construction sites, farms, in factories and companies that want to avoid sudden downtimes due to power outages. In many countries, power generator is necessary due to the lack of electricity in a given place.

Do you produce your own electricity
using expensive Diesel oil?

It will by cheaper with CNG!

A power generator can be the solution to keep your business running or to help it in an emergency. Unfortunately, it is also quite an expensive option.

A power generator with a capacity of more than 100 kW (125 kVA) can consume at least 15 liters of diesel per hour. Machine with 500 kVA consumes even 80 liters and more.

After these simple calculations, it is clear that using it significantly affects operation costs. It is worth considering – how can you reduce expenses?

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce expenses without having to give up the generator.

If you have a power generator with a diesel engine, that consumes at least 15 liters of diesel fuel per hour or more, this is solution for you!

Choose Fuel Fusion and replace some of the expensive diesel with gas, reducing fuel costs.

Agregat diesel + gaz
Generator prądu na diesel + cng

By installing the Fuel Fusion system in a power generator, we can replace diesel with gas even in 30-50%. This can significantly reduce fuel costs. It is worth remembering that the higher the level of replacing diesel with gas, the more often cylinders will need to be replaced. But already with 30% exchange, economic effects can bring financial benefits.

The Fuel Fusion installation is compatible with all power generators above 20kW.

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Fuel Fusion w generatorze prądu - nasza realizacja

Power generator with CNG

You can use CNG tanks (in the case of a CNG system) of any capacity to the power generator.

Don’t you know which tank to choose?

Don’t worry, we’ll advise you on how to prepare to power your generator. Depending on the consumption of diesel fuel and the working time of the generator, we will calculate the necessary capacity of the tanks and adjust the doses of gas. Everything will be optimized in such a way, that the system fits your needs as much as possible.

What’s next?

Nothing – everything will work automatically. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is count your savings.

Transporting gas cylinders, especially in large numbers, is sometimes problematic?

In this field, we have also prepared solutions for customers who use CNG power. We have prepared a portable holder for 12 CNG cylinders (with a total capacity of 180m3), which is easy to transport with a forklift.cą wózka widłowego.

How does it work?

Generator sam diesel

Generator working in Diesel mode

Generator diesel + CNG

Generator working in Dual Fuel mode

The photos above show the results we have achieved with the Fuel Fusion installed in a generator abroad. You can see the screen of the power generator before and after installation. The data shows the level of consumption of both fuels, the percentage level of substitution and the sum of consumption of both fuels.

Interestingly, the installation not only allowed for savings, but also showed that diesel oil in this country is low quality.

How did we come to this conclusion?

The gas used in this generator is CNG. In the Fuel Fusion system, diesel is replaced with CNG in a 1:1 ratio. However, in this case we can see that the generator originally burned 42.3 liters of diesel per hour, after connecting the installation, the consumption of both fuels dropped to 35.7 liters per hour. What’s the conclusion? In a mixture with CNG, diesel became more calorific and the engine needed less of it. As a result, combustion decreased.

Thanks to the difference in local fuel prices, the savings achieved by this generator, the installation of the installation paid for itself after a few months after installation.

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