In general, we usually know how much Diesel our vehicle consumes – we are getting these and many more information from our car’s on-board system. Everything is clear and easy to understand, so we can always count our fuel costs.

What will happen, when we install Fuel Fusion in our vehicle?

Will keeping track be more complicated?

You can tell that Fuel Fusion gives you many benefits and significant savings.

Fuel Fusion reports

But how to check that?

Do you need to track Diesel and gas consumption manually?

Do you need to collect fuel bills and do the complicated math to count that?

Theoretically you can try to track gas and diesel expenses and compare them with previous outgoings or count kilometres driven on one refuelling.


System lets you generate specific reports, that give you valuable information, like Diesel oil usage, gas consumption and many more data. It takes only 2-3 minutes.

Fuel Fusion system – as the only one on the market – lets You create reports about the vehicle powered with diesel oil and gas, showing You detailed and real both fuel consumption.

Are You worried that receiving the reports will be difficult and complicated? Relax! To get it, you don’t have to use additional, specialistic programmes. You just have to use your internet browser on your computer or laptop, enter the website and generate it. The process is easy and really fast. Downloading the data from gas controller (ECU) shouldn’t be a problem too. You just have to use ordinary USB 2.0 cable to connect with it.

Would you like to see how simple is that?

Fuel Fusion system lets you generate both fuels consumption report – see how much you save.

Thanks to the reports, you can know how much diesel oil and gas your vehicle consumes. Having those data, you can easily count exact expenses and calculate your savings. It gives you also additional, valuable information for example how long road have your vehicle driven in Diesel mode, in Dual Fuel mode and both together. If some part of the distance was driven without gas, you will know why – due the lack of gas, due the system has shut it down or the driver.

What’s more, you can generate both fuels consumption reports based on archival data! Thanks to that, you will always be sure that the efficiency of the system does not decrease.

The amount of oil are measured by CAN FMS system and  gas by electronic control unit. If vehicle doesn’t have CAN FMS system, you can install fuel flow meter, which will let you generate reports. The data is collected in control unit’s memory. You can use them to generate repots containing the most important information about installation and the vehicle itself.

It doesn’t stop with that!

Recently we have created Fuel Fusion with Bluetooth module. Thanks to that, you don’t have to use any cable. You just have to connect your laptop or smartphone with the installation and easily check how much you save.

Comfortable app

Thanks to our app, you will have access to all statistics on your phone. You will just have to connect the app with the installation’s controller and be able to see all of the live stats or generate reports for a given date range.

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