Fuel Fusion – the Diesel to gas installation of our own project – is the universal solution, that works in all of the machines powered by high-combustion engine. In our work, we had the opportunity to install it in trucks, power generators, municipal and construction vehicles, tow trucks, hook lifts, tractors, agricultural machinery and even in a locomotive or a river barge.

We are happy to take on the new challenges and be part of interesting projects. We always listen to our customer’s opinions and we use this knowledge to develop our system e.g. equipping it with Bluetooth or creating a dedicated application, which is available on the Google Play.

In the gallery below, you can see our previous projects. You can find here photos of trucks, tractors, municipal vehicles and more. In such machines we have installed systems compatible with CNG or LPG. The different properties of these gases are the reason that both versions of the systems need different accessories. Therefore, the decision about the type of the installation – compatible with LPG or CNG – is very important and must be done before the purchase.

Fuel Fusion – advantages

The biggest advantage, guaranteed by the Fuel Fusion installation, is of course the reduction of the fuel costs. Therefore, the benefits don’t stop with that. The companies who care about the environment are very pleased with our system, because it lets reduce the emission of particulate matters and carbon footprint.

Very important aspect of our installation are the user-friendly reports, that contain the statistics showing the work of the system and usage of both fuels – letting easily count the savings. Also, the installation is fully automatic, so the using it is very easy. Non-invasive character of the system and its sensors, that constantly monitor the work of the system, are the guarantee of the engine’s safety.

The gallery of our previous projects

All of those advantages let our system work great in many branches of the market. Thanks to that we had an opportunity to work with wide range of machines with Diesel engine. They all are more economical and environmentally friendly now. Do you want to see some of them? Look at our gallery below.  

Ciągniki siodłowe zbiornik w miejsce zbiornika ON ENG (1)
Trucks with LPG/CNG
Vehicles up yo 3.5T
Waste management vehicles
Boats with CNG/LPG
Gallery locomotive
Power generators with CNG/LPG

From the beginning of the Dual Fuel Systems existence, we worked with many types of the machines. Fuel Fusion has been installed in over 4,000 of vehicles and machines with Diesel engine. In our gallery we would like to show you some of them.

We are willing to work with the companies from different branches of market – Polish, European and from other places in the World.

Modern high-tech solutions

Thanks to that, our system can work connected with laptop through the USB cable the access to system configuration is very easy. That lets us help our customers everywhere and there are no limits! We can remotely help our customers, no matter where they are.

As you can see in our galley – we are open for different projects. Do you want to reduce the fuel costs for your fleet? To change your tractor, another agricultural machine or municipal vehicle? Do you like to make your power generator to use less Diesel oil? The offer from Dual Fuel Systems is the offer for you.

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