Diesel prices going up?

Don't replace your existing fleet. Install Diesel CNG Dual Fuel and save!

Lower your fuel costs and reduce air pollution with FUEL FUSION

FUEL FUSION is a Diesel CNG Dual Fuel system designed to work with all Diesel vehicles and machines.

Volvo FH


Reduction of harmful exhaust emissions, i.e. CO2 and solid particles


Partial replacement of Diesel with much cheaper gas generates savings of at least 10%


The system brings immediate effects and is easy to use


The only system that let's you generate fuel consumption reports for both Diesel and gas

Replace Diesel with alternative fuels

1 %
1 %

Reduction of emissions

1 %
solid particles
1 %
carbon dioxide

Did you know, that…

A vehicle equipped with a Diesel to CNG conversion system becomes a vehicle powered by alternative fuel?

Choosing the FUEL FUSION system not only benefits your wallet, but also the environment.

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