Fuel Fusion – reduce fuel costs and help the environment

Dual fuel instalation works in all kind of vehicles and machines powered by Diesel engine.

Dual Fuel Systems Sp. z o. o. has been present on the market since 2013. From the beginning, we have been associated with diesel to LPG conversion systems for compression-ignition engines. We have successfully done over 5,000 installations and worked with LPG, CNG and LNG systems.

The hearth of our offer is our own system Fuel Fusion. It replaces some of the diesel in your engine with gas Compared to the competition, it stands out with the range of operation of the controller (ECU). This device monitors every aspect of the installation and saves – in its internal memory – all of the important data. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) adjusts the amount of the injected gas to the current vehicle operation, maximalising savings without putting the engine on danger.

Fuel Fusion in truck
Fuel Fusion in combine

Environmentally friendly solution

One of the main qualities of our system is its ecological aspect. The addition of alternative fuel, which is LPG, CNG and LNG gas, makes the vehicle more ecological and there are fewer harmful substances in its exhaust gases. Thanks to that, our system can change even the old engine into ecological device.

Our system lets you to precisely count your savings

Installation lets you lower the cost of the vehicle operation replacing diesel with cheaper gas. Thanks to the fact that the system allows you to create detailed reports, you can easily and accurately count the savings. It lets you compare the level of consumption of both fuels with the overall average diesel consumption – both information contained in the report.




Fuel Fusion is beneficial not only for you and your company, but also for the surroundings. Our system is environmentally friendly – the fumes produced by your vehicle becomes much cleaner. The pro-ecological properties of our system have been scientifically tested. There is only one conclusion – our system makes even an old diesel vehicle info a low-emission and environmentally friendly machine.

Replacing diesel with gas is an opportunity to drive much more economically . Thanks to Fuel Fusion, you can count on a reduction in costs of at least 10%. Our system – unlike competing installations – gives you access to precise data, thanks to which you can easily see savings. You do not have to guess or rely on your own estimates, you have access to specific, reliable information, that lets you to precisely calculate the savings.



When will you see the first savings? As soon as you leave service station! The system not only brings instant effects, it is also easy to use. The driver can manually turn off the installation, but Fuel Fusion can be used maintenance-free. In the case of a possible malfunction, the system will start to reduce the amount of supplied gas or cut it off completely.

Fuel Fusion is the ONLY DDF system that gives you the ability to generate reports of the actual consumption of diesel and gas. Thanks to it, you will have access to statistics related to the installation and combustion system. You can easily calculate the savings, generated by the installation,. The report generation tool is intuitive, easy to use and it allows quick access to reliable data.


Engine power

regardless of the output power

Diesel replacement

with gas


 more horsepower



DIESEL + LPG instalation

20 – 30%

replaced with LPG *

DIESEL + CNG instalation

30 – 60%

replaced with CNG *

* depends on the engine construction and type of the vechicle

Social awareness is growing every year. More and more people pay attention to the problems related to human impact on the planet. In Dual Fuel Systems we are not inert. We care about ecology, which is why, in cooperation with the Poznań University of Technology and the Motor Transport Institute, we examined the real impact of our system on the environment. Our dual power system – Fuel Fusion – makes diesel powered vehicles much more environmentally friendly.

During the ignition of the diesel, gas and air mixture, the harmful substances are burned off. As a result, the exhaust gases become much cleaner. Fuel Fusion, in the case of new vehicles that meet the stringent EURO 6 standards, allows for an even greater reduction in the amount of particulates – even by 60-70% – and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by an additional 4-5%.

Emission reduction





At Dual Fuel Systems, we understand that partnership and cooperation is great solution for business. We are open to cooperation with various types of companies. Feel free to contact us – we treat each proposal individually and prepare a personalized offer.

Your company has its own fleet and would like to install Fual Fusion yourself? We have prepared attractive terms of cooperation.

Do you run a workshop and want to enrich your services with the installation of our system? Feel free to contact us. We will offer you conditions that will be beneficial to both sides.

Fuel Fusion is the diesel to gas converting system. It can work in many types of machines. The main part of our assemblies are obviously trucks, used in the transport industry. We are installing it also in special vehicles like hooklifts, garbage trucks or sweepers.

Fuel Fusion works well in agricultural machines, for example tractors or combine harvesters. It is installed also in vessels, power generators and even locomotives. Our system can works with vehicles up to 3.5 tones, e.g. delivery vans, off-road vehicles or tow trucks.

The higher is the fuel consumption, the more the savings you can get. The owners of the bigger and more intensively used machines can count on greater savings and quicker return of the investment. However, it is always an individual matter. Contact us if you would like to cooperate with us, for example as a dealer of our system, authorized workshop or install it yourself in your company fleet. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and tell you about our system.

Fuel Fusion - diesel dual fuel system in over 5000 vehicles