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Reduce fuel costs and take care for air quality with FUEL FUSION

FUEL FUSION is a dual fuel system design for all diesel engine’s vehicles and machines.


Reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the exhaust, including CO2, NOx and solid particulates


Partial replacement of diesel with cheaper gas is a saving of 10%


The system brings immediate effect, and is also easy to use.


The only system with the possibility of generating a report of consumption of both fuels

Proportion of replacement

1 %
1 %

The FUEL FUSION system exchanges a specific dose of diesel fuel and gives a dose of gas instead. The exchange ratio depends on the type of gas.

In the case of LPG, the share of gas is from 30 to 50%, for CNG gas from 50 to 80%.

By reducing the amount of diesel consumed and replacing it with cheaper gas, driving a vehicle powered by a mixture of both fuels brings financial results.

The savings that the FUEL FUSION system can bring is min. 10%.

Emission reduction

1 %
solid particles
1 %
Carbon dioxide

Do you know…

That a vehicle equipped with a dual fuel + gas system is an alternative fuel vehicle?

Choosing FUEL FUSION system is not only an advantage for your portfolio, but also for the environment.

Do not wait and start to drive
your diesel dual fuel vehicle

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