Special vehicles are mostly “heavyweight machines” dedicated to specific tasks. They are often used in transport, municipal companies, building industry, different branches of business.

Have these steel giants got anything in common?

Of course! In most cases it is the Diesel engine under the hood and high fuel consumption. One of the first things that you can think of is also “expensive exploitation”. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be true – there are ways to lower these costs. All you need to do is to invest in an installation that will significantly reduces the burning of diesel oil, replacing it with much cheaper gas.

Benefits of Fuel Fusion in special vehicles

Our system gives you not only savings, but also a whole range of additional benefits. The installation allows you to monitor the consumption of both fuels, the distance travelled by the vehicle and many other parameters. Just generate a report and you will have access to a handful of useful data, e.g.

– diesel consumption and related data,

– gas consumption and related data,

– number of kilometres travelled,

– distance covered in Diesel mode and Dual Fuel mode,

– reason why machine worked on Diesel mode.

When part of the road is driven without using the gas, the report will tell you why this happened.

New quality for the municipal companies, building industry, transport and more.

Just one vehicle equipped with our installation will bring you significant savings. If you transform your entire fleet, you will revolutionize your fuel costs. Additional savings will allow you to compete even more effectively with your competitors and obtain funds for further development of the company.

FUEL FUSION in building industry

Heavy machines are tightly connected with building industry. Excavators, concrete mixers and other special vehicles with diesel engine are only first examples of machines used on construction sites. The work of every of them involves great costs.

How can you reduce the cost of every motor hour (mth) of excavator? You just have to reduce fuel costs. Partial exchange of expensive diesel oil with a lot cheaper gas will let you reduce expenses by about 10%. Is that much? Of course!

Every excavator consumer about 15l of Diesel oil every motor hour. During eight hours of working day it uses about 120l. It makes significant costs. If you save 10% of this sum, it will have impact on company’s finances.

It looks interesting even when it comes to only one machine. What if you install Fuel Fusion in every company’s construction machine and special vehicle with self-combustion engine? That’s way you will revolutionise the work of your company.

FUEL FUSION in the municipal industry

Companies operating in the municipal industry, e.g. those dealing with waste or sewage removal, have special diesel-powered vehicles in their fleets. No wonder – diesel units provide a lot of power to the machine, so they are often used heavy equipment.

The waste disposal process is much more complicated than it may seem. Companies that operate in this industry face many challenges. One of them is to cover fuel costs. Fuel Fusion is not only a solution that will reduce expences. It also brings many other benefits. One of them is  providing the machine with additional power, while reducing the emission of harmful substances – particulate matter and carbon dioxide – into the atmosphere. Our installation was been checked during emission tests by scientists from the Poznań University of Technology and the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw. The systems’ emission-reducing effects have been scientifically proven.

Fuel Fusion is a big change for the municipal industry. It is a huge step forward, made on foundation of the currently used machines.

Fuel Fusion in heavy machinery rental service

Do you rent machines for your clients? Do you have fleet of excavators, hooklifts, special vehicles, power generators and other machines with Diesel engine? Install Fuel Fusion in them! Let our system to reduce fuel costs.

That way you will be able to give your clients savings and ensure their level of satisfaction. In the end you will gain huge advantage over the competition and get new customers.  

Which companies will benefit from the FUEL FUSION installation?

  • in scrapyards,
  • in companies offering sanitation services,
  • in waste disposal companies,
  • in sawmills,
  • in warehouses,
  • in gravel pits,
  • in road companies,
  • wherever diesel machines are used.

Does your company service its own special vehicles?

Do you employ specialists that have knowledge about Diesel engines? If yes, a cooperation with us will be a great solution for you. We offer trainings for your employees! After that your workers will be able to install Fuel Fusion in your machines and do all necessary service works. Thanks to that the investment in gas system for your Diesel’s engines will be a lot cheaper.

You will be even able to add installation services to your company’s offer. Do you want to know more? Check this out!

Do you want to install Fuel Fusion yourself?