What are the benefits of Fuel Fusion in vehicles up to 3.5t?

Vehicles up to 3,5t became a very valuable segment of Diesel machines. High-pressure engines are common in the machines used to transport packages to clients, goods to stores, during removals, transportation of tools and small machines or in many other circumnutations. Vehicles up to 3,5t are also used to transport passengers or during the technical and maintenance services. Amongst them you can find machines driven for fun too, e.g. off-road vehicles and campers.

Therefore we are speaking about huge group of vehicles that work in many different aspects of life. The interesting fact about vehicles up to 3,5t is that they can be converted into machines that are way more environmentally friendly, have much power and generate less exploitation costs.

Sounds interesting?

Then our solution for vehicles up to 3,5t will certainly appeal to you! Fuel Fusion is a gas installation dedicated to machines with a diesel engine. Thanks to it, you can reduce your diesel consumption by partially replacing it with much cheaper gas. The system also provides many other benefits for your car.

Vehicles up to 3,5t powered by Diesel engines are the machines working for the companies. We can see them at almost every turn. If you own a company whose activity to some extent is based on transport, it is very likely that you use such a machine. They are used, for example, to transport:
– rubble containers,
– courier packages,
– semi-finished products,
– people,
– tools and materials.

Diesel gas will work in every industry

Although these machines are necessary for the company, they generate significant costs. Fortunately, these can be easily reduced. The Fuel Fusion installation will allow you to replace a significant part of the used diesel oil with much cheaper gas. The difference in prices of both Fuels allows for savings.

Moreover, our system allows you to generate detailed reports, thanks to which you will know exactly how much you are saving. Additionally, you will also receive many other useful information, such as the distance traveled by the vehicle in Dual Fuel Mode and Diesel Mode.

2 fuels and 4×4 drive

Fuel Fusion is compatible not only with machines that let their owners to earn for their lives. It works perfect also in vehicles that are used for fun. Amongst such machines you can find many off-road cars up to 3,5t.

Offroad is a fascinating sport, which is a very popular way to spend time. Its popularity grows significantly. Every year more people buy 4×4 cars to drive them to hard-to-reach places and overcome dirt and mud. No wonder – it is a great opportunity to feel the adrenaline and spend some time in the fresh air.

Fuel Fusion will give you more power!

Most likely every driver of an 4×4 vehicle at some point will find out that his machine does not have enough power. It will certainly lack a few horsepower to overcome a hill or other obstacle. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Of course! All you need to do is equip your vehicle with a Fuel Fusion gas installation. The addition of LPG/CNG to the air and diesel mixture changes the way it is burned. As a result, the mixture burns more completely, which significantly increases its power while reducing exhaust emissions.

Fuel Fusion will give your machine power – thanks to it you can overcome many obstacles.

Campers – saving on holidays

Not only enthusiasts of driving in difficult terrain can benefit from the gas installation dedicated to diesel engines. It is also a real treat for regular visitors to all types of campsites. Campers owners can also save on their trips.

Save money during your holidays!

Holiday trips in a camper are a good chance to save on Fuel costs. They are becoming more and more popular in Poland. No wonder. Few means of transport give us such a sense of freedom and comfort at the same time. Unfortunately, many people fear that campers are very expensive due to the relatively high consumption of diesel Fuel.

The Fuel Fusion installation is a solution that allows you to significantly reduce transport costs. Replacing diesel oil with much cheaper gas (LPG or CNG – depending on the system version) allows for significant savings. The extra funds will certainly come in handy when traveling.

The most important advantage of Fuel Fusion installation is, of course, savings. The difference in the price of diesel oil and gas is very high, so partial replacement of one Fuel with the other, significantly reduces the operating costs of a 3,5t vehicle.

However, the advantages of using the installation do not end there

Its beauty is in the option to generate detailed reports showing the consumption of both Fuels and the percentage of replacement of diesel oil with gas, as well as a lot of other data on the operation of the engine and the machine itself. Thanks to them, you can find out your exact savings, without having to compare receipts, making complex calculations or guess.

The controller (ECU) is the heart of the system

The ECU that monitors the system’s operation is responsible for generating reports. It saves all the most important data in its memory. It also has another, even more important function – it controls the amount of injected gas. By analysing the exhaust gas temperature, it is able to determine the engine’s operating condition. As soon as something disturbing starts to happen, the controller will reduce the amount of applied gas or even cut it off completely – the installation is maximizing savings, but without putting the engine to any risk of damage. The installation is safe and fully automatic – it turns on automatically when conditions are favourable. It will also independently adjust the amount of gas applied.
Moreover, it is also non-invasive – it does not interfere with the structure of the engine, especially its combustion chamber. The gas is injected to the pipe sucking air from the outside.

Ecological solutions for vehicles up to 3,5

Enriching the mixture of diesel oil and air with LPG/CNG makes it burn much more completely. As a result, the vehicle has noticeably more power and there are much fewer harmful substances in its exhaust gases.

Fuel Fusion for your car

The Fuel Fusion installation works great in vehicles below 3,5t, providing them with benefits and increasing the comfort of their operation.

Power increase + ecology + savings

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