Fuel Fusion is an alternative, dual-fuel powered system for high-combustion engines, using gas. It reduces diesel fuel injection, and in its place doses a precisely matched portion of gas. Gas goes to the combustion chamber with an air, so the installation doesn’t require much interference with the combustion system. More efficient combustion of diesel fuel also has a positive effect on engine power and torque, while not negatively impacting engine life. Dual-fuel driving is a solution with financial and environmental benefits, while not compromising the safe and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.

High-combustion engine, fuelled only with diesel oil, doesn’t burn it all the way. Some of fuel turns into fumes. It contains, among others, CO2 and carcinogenic particulate matter (PM). Fuel Fusion lets you to reduce the harmful substances.

This is because the addition of LPG or CNG allows the primary fuel to burn practically completely. As a result, the dual-fuel system can make even an old high-combustion engine environmentally friendly.

Fuel Fusion is the solution, that generates significant savings and pays off itself in less than a year. That’s why its price should be treated as an investment, not the cost. In the case of the vehicles, which fuel consumption is high and are intensively operated, the return on investment takes even less time.

Maximum proportions of Diesel and Gas mixture


* depends on engine design, vehicle type and type of work performed

Unlike systems for gasoline engines, the fuel in Diesel engines can’t be replaced completely. CNG or LPG in such engines is a supplementary fuel and it replaces primary fuel only partially. Complete replacement would lead to knocking combustion, which would expose the engine to damage. Gas added to the fuel mixture, becomes a catalyst for its combustion and contributes to more efficient use of primary fuel.

Save on fuel costs 10% or more

The savings a Fuel Fusion-equipped vehicle can make depend on:

  • the proportion of replacement primary fuel with gas,
  • the difference in diesel and LPG or CNG prices,
  • the distance the vehicle travels each month,
  • the consumption of the diesel itself.

A system you can rely on


Doesn’t require

Parameters recording

On an ongoing basis in
the controller’s internal

Consumption reports

Option to generate
reports of gas and
diesel consumption


protects the

Easy installation

Does not require
changes to the
engine design


Installation doesn’t
require any changes
to the engine

No need for road tests

Every vehicle is different – is driven in different speed, has got different number of driven kilometres, is used to transport different kind of load etc. That’s why it has to be calibrated individually. Automation of the installation also plays an important role when setting up the system. During the assembly, the standard map of gas injection is installed that is adjust to vehicle’s and user’s requirements. The vehicle can drive and use Fuel Fusion even that day. Its final calibration can be done remotely. You don’t have to go to dynamometer or spending the couple of days for calibration.


The Fuel Fusion system is the only dual-fuel system for high-combustion engines, that obtain accurate reports of the working parameters of the vehicle and the gas injection system itself. The data is continuously stored in the internal memory of the controller (ECU) and can be downloaded via a USB connection.

The user can generate a detailed report about the system works and both fuel usage. The document covers the period specified by the user and includes information such as:

– gas consumption,

– diesel consumption,

– Dual Fuel mode operation time,

– information on the reason for shutting down the installation,

– distance travelled in Dual Fuel mode and in Diesel mode.