Dual Fuel Systems is a company specialised in production, installation and distribution of LPG, CNG and LNG systems for Diesel engines. The hearth of our offer is Fuel Fusion – our own system. It allows you to replace part of the diesel – used to fuel your
engine – with gas (LPG, CNG or LNG). The level of replacement depends on kind of machine, engine and used gas.

The Diesel with gas replacement level:

over 3,5t weight:

CNG              LPG

40-50%         ok. 20-40%

Power generators:

CNG                      LPG

min. 50%            30%-45%

to 3,5t weight
Euro 6:

CNG                      LPG

max. 20%         max. 20%

to 3,5t weight
and Euro 5 and earlier:

CNG                    LPG

40-50%              max. 30%


CNG                      LPG

min. 50%            30%-45%

Our system contains the ECU driver – a device that monitor parameters and adjusting the amount of injected gas. Moreover it captures the most important data of the installation. It lets you create – with the tool on our website – detail reports about the system and both fuels usage.

DDF – LPG/CNG installations for diesel

Our services include distribution of the Fuel Fusion and its components. We install whole systems and extra tanks for many kind of vehicles. Our installation works great in trucks, special vehicles, agricultural machinery, boats, power generators, locomotives and vehicles to 3,5T weight.

In Dual Fuel Systems we invite you to cooperate

Amongst our clients there are transport and service companies, farms, private people and many more. We are open for long time cooperations with car workshops, car services that would like to instal our system – for their own fleet or customers. Do you want to know more? Click the link down below and see the offer.

Fuel Fusion do Twojego Diesla

Fuel Fusion in trucks
Fuel Fusion in vehicles
Fuel Fusion in special vehicles
Fuel Fusion in power generators