Trucks are the main tool of the transport industry. Every day they travel many kilometres. Thanks to them, manufacturers, wholesale and retail companies can make their transport chains. It is a very important matter, that affects everyone of us. The work of specialist from this field lets us have the opportunity to buy goods from outside of our neighbourhood and enjoy different products from literally every corner of the world.

The obvious thing is that this industry influences the prices of goods. One of the main factors are huge fuel costs. Every truck consumes enormous amounts of Diesel – which is relatively expensive.

Fuel Fusion in transport commpany - advantages

Optimization of transport costs

Fuel Fusion might be solution there. It is the installation that lets you partially replace Diesel with a lot cheaper LPG or CNG gas. It can help you reduce Diesel consumption by 25-30%, which lets you reduce of the whole fuel costs by about 10%. Our system also gives you benefits on many another levels. The installation is maintenance-free, gives your vehicle additional power and highly reduces the amount of harmful substances emitted to the environment in fumes.

Is 10% savings a lot?

Average truck travels about 100 thousands kilometres per year. During that time it consumes about 30-40 litres of Diesel per 100 kilometres. You don’t have to use complicated math to count, that it consumes 30-40 thousands of Diesel oil every year. Those are astronomical amounts, even hard to imagine. The good thing is that you can lower them.

Thanks to the Fuel Fusion installation, Diesel usage is lowered from 30-40 thousands of litres per year to 25-27 thousands. That will, of course, highly lower your transportation costs.

Truck without Fuel Fusion

Drives approximately 100 thousands kilometers per year

While it consumes 30-40 thousands liters of Diesel

Truck with Fuel Fusion

Drives approximately 100 thousands kilometers per year

While it consumes 25-27 thousands liters of Diesel

By replacing 5-13 thousand liters of diesel with much cheaper gas, you can significantly reduce fuel costs!

Fuel Fusion gives you quantifiable benefits

Many people ask themselves – how can I know, if the system gives me real savings? With Fuel Fusion everything is clear. Its controllers saves all statistics in its memory. It contains data about both gas and diesel usage and many more information. Thanks to that, you can precisely calculate how much our system lowers your costs.

The fuel costs are one of the highest expenses connected to the transport industry. It is simply impossible to underestimate the opportunity to optimize them.

Reduction of the Diesel consumption is not all. Fuel Fusion gives you also significant increase of power. Your truck can accelerate faster, what helps you move more dynamically on highways or easier drive through the mountainous areas, while transporting the cargo. The system is completely maintenance-free, so the driver doesn’t even have to remember about it. Maybe except the moment of refuelling – our system can’t do that by itself yet.

diesel + gaz w transporcie
montaż Fuel Fusion
nasza realizacja

Ecology in transport industry

Ecology is a very important topic for last couple of years, especially in the Europe Union. Increasing emphasis on environmental care is of course a positive trend. Unfortunately it brings many difficult challenges to the economy.

The transport industry isn’t an exception here. It is one of the biggest sources of particulate matter and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore you can see that some groups are postulating, that transport companies should choose the eco-friendly solutions and make an effort to reduce their negative influence on the environment.

Fuel Fusion will be great solution in this matter. The system lets you significantly reduce the amount of emitted CO2 or particulate matters in fumes. The addition of the gas will make Diesel burn more completely and CO2 connects with other substances. Thanks to that the transportation goods to the shops’ shelves won’t have negative impact on the environment anymore. Would you like to drive more ecologically? Choose Fuel Fusion.

Cooperate with us

We have prepared the solution for the transport companies, that have their own services for their trucks fleets. Cooperating with us, they can save even more. We can arrange training for their mechanics.

After that, the company can install the Fuel Fusion system by itself. That way You will save money and time. Moreover that company can add Fuel Fusion montage to the company’s services and do it for its clients. Our support doesn’t stop with giving you the knowledge. We are also offering you extra trainings, consultations and tech support (remote too). Thanks to this proposal, transport companies gain additional competences of their employees and the possibility of extending the services offered by their own workshops. Want to know more?