Start driving Eco-Friendly

Aside from economic advantages, FUEL FUSION makes Diesel engines environmentally friendly.

Help to fight against smog

Emission tests performed at the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw and at the Poznan University of Technology

An ecological fleet without replacing vehicles

Reducing emissions

The vehicle equipped with  FUEL FUSION becomes more Eco-Friendly. The mixture of both fuels – Diesel and gas reduces the volume of harmful substances emitted with exhaust fumes.

solid particles

To a large extent they’re responsible for the smog in our cities. These small particles get into our lungs with the inhaled air and are responsible for respiratory diseases, allergies and cancer.

FUEL FUSION reduces up to 85% of particulate emissions in the exhaust gases of Euro 6 engines. In older vehicles, these results may be even greater.

carbon dioxide

One of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate changes.

FUEL FUSION reduces CO2 emissions by 4.5%

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Eco fleet

FUEL FUSION is an ideal solution for companies that search for fuel savings and the possibility of converting their existing fleets to an Eco-Friendly type. Thanks to Fuel Fusion, it is not necessary to replace existing vehicles in order to reduce harmful emissions.

The diesel dual fuel system is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to convert your truck fleet into an environmentally friendly and modern one.