You know perfectly well how much diesel your vehicle consumes, because you receive such information directly from the on-board system. But what is the real gas consumption when operating on dual fuel? Of course, it can be calculated manually from the gas invoice and kilometers driven, but wouldn’t it be easier if the system calculated it by itself?

The FUEL FUSION system is the only one that allows you to create reports on the functioning of a diesel and gas powered vehicle. Thanks to this, you can finally find out what the actual gas consumption is.

The amount of used diesel fuel and gas is obtained in the CAN FMS system and the gas injection control unit. The data is saved on an ongoing basis in the internal memory of the FUEL FUSION controller. From the downloaded data, you can generate a report containing the most important information about the operation of the gas installation and the vehicle itself.

To create a report, connect the USB cable to the FUEL FUSION driver installed in the vehicle. The downloaded data, called logs, should be uploaded to the server using the report creation page. Then give the report a name (e.g. vehicle name) and select the time range that interests you. Then click “generate” and wait for the page to create the report. In the video below you will find step-by-step instructions.

see how
generate a report
from your vehicle’s operation

No additional specialized programs are needed to receive the report. The process of creating reports is simple and easy to use because it is done using a regular web browser. Downloading data from the controller also does not require cabling with a specialized connector, but only a cable with a USB 2.0 connector.

What you can find in FUEL FUSION report?

  • total gas consumption
  • gas consumption while driving
  • total diesel consumption
  • diesel consumption while driving
  • average engine speed
  • total distance traveled
  • share of the distance traveled with the installation switched off
  • average gas consumption per 100 km
  • average diesel consumption per 100 km
  • average consumption of both fuels in Dual Fuel mode per 100 km
    stop gas consumption
  • diesel consumption at a standstill