Cooperation with Dual Fuel System is a great opportunity for workshops to expand their services, giving their clients very profitable solutions. If you have an experience in autogas installation to petrol engine or you are a specialist in the service of diesel engines this offer is for you. You can provide assembly services of Fuel Fusion – a diesel-gas system.

Our product is universal and easy to set up. You won’t need dyno testing to set it to its best parameters. You will be able to remotely connect to the vehicle to make settings adjustments if necessary.

What are the terms of cooperation?

Dual Fuel Systems is a supplier of Fuel Fusion system and additional components of the installation, as required by the particular contractor who is assembling the system.

We can supply you with complete assembly kits, even with CNG tanks and brackets. As part of B2B collaboration, we provide training for employees and technical support and consultation. This allows them to carry out the installation of a diesel gas system on their own.

W Dual Fuel Systems chętnie pojemiemy współpracę z Warsztatami

The regulations in each country are different. Additional permits are often required to perform gas assembly into a Diesel engine. What are the exact regulations in your country? That you will have to find out on your own. We, however, will help you in completing the necessary documents. If you need to perform emission or homologation tests, we will technically assist you in carrying them out. We cooperate with a Polish institution that performs such tests. But if you choose an institution elsewhere, we will also provide you with technical support.

Would you like to join the network of our business partners?
Get in touch with us! Our employees will be happy to explain to you all the details of B2B cooperation and tell you how it all works – we will be glad to answer any questions!

Using the assortment of our online shop, you can get all the necessary parts and accessories, e.g. reducers, processing, racks, valves, CNG tanks and more.

Fuel Fusion offer