Program FF pozwala na pobieranie dzienników “log”, które można przetwarzać na raporty zużycia ON i CNG/LPG. Aby wygenerować raport przejdź na stronę

How to generate the report about both fuels usage? Watch the video instruction.

Driver’s Manual

Legalization after installing:

After installing the dual fuel system you must make sure that all formalities are fulfilled to legally use your vehicle on public roads in your country.

Laws and regulations differ from country to country. You must enquire about regulations that will apply to your vehicle before installing any retrofit system.

After some time you will have to legalize the cylinder and make technical examination to the installation. Laws are different in each country – you should know them and apply by yourself.

CNG stations in Germany – search engines:

LNG station finders in Germany:

Posiadasz dwa zawory tankowania NGV1 i NGV2?

Dwa zawory tankowania NGV1 i NGV2

If the valves are mounted as shown in the photo, both blue valves (knobs) must be opened to fill the tanks through the NGV2 valve. However, when filling the tanks through the NGV1 valve, the position of the blue valves does not matter.

Questions during the inspection?

Information for BAG inspectors:

FUEL FUSION Informationen für BAG-Inspektionsdienste (PDF)

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