Has your company got its own fleet? Converting these vehicles to gas would save you a lot of money. It could give you about 20-25% Diesel oil usage reduction. This numbers are impressive with one vehicle. In the case of whole fleet it’s a huge amount of money.

The installation of a diesel with gas system is rather large expense. It consists the cost of the installation itself and the price of labor. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce it. How? All you need to do is to take advantage of the offer of cooperation with Dual Fuel Systems.

Instal Fuel Fusion on your own – tangible benefits

B2B cooperation with Dual Fuel Systems allows you to reduce expenses, by avoiding montage costs. Companies with their own fleet of vehicles or machines, working on diesel engines, having their own service, can assemble our product on their own. They will receive support from Dual Fuel Systems in the form of training, consultation and technical assistance.

They will ensure the development of their employees and will employ professionals with competence in the field of gas installations for diesel engines. Thanks to the fact, that the installation would be set up and calibrated in your own workshop, without the need to travel to a distant service station. He will also be able to perform periodic inspections of the gas installation at his place, and repair any defects quickly, without having to wait for a free date.

In simple words:

– we will get you our product, train your workers and give you complex tech support,

– your company will install Fuel Fusion by itself and save up money.

You can get all the necessary parts and accessories in our online store. Visit it and buy converters, racks, injectors, CNG tanks and more.

Gazodiesel cięzarówki

We wszystkie niezbędne części oraz akcesoria zaopatrzysz się w naszym sklepie online. Możesz w nim nabyć np. przetwornice, stelaże, wtryskiwacze, zbiorniki CNG i nie tylko.

What kind of companies are we cooperate with?

We are open for business contacts with all companies that have got their own fleet of vehicles and machines, powered with Diesel engine and having its own service. They can be transport, construction and waste management companies. We encourage all companies that want to save on fuel costs in their fleet to contact us. Work with us – install Fuel Fusion and save money!

Is your company interested in B2B cooperation? Contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain the operation of the system with details.

Fuel Fusion offer