Three aspects of ecology with Solaris Diesel

In the world of today’s technological development and increased pollution, strong business focus is put on environmental protection. We are dealing  with the demand for green technologies. 

Solaris Diesel is one such technology.

What does the natural environment gain through the use of our innovation? 

Below we list three aspects which are positively affected by Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel:

  1.     Carbon dioxide – it is commonly known that the main reason of the greenhouse effect (caused by humans) is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is responsible for over 60% of this phenomenon. In industrialized countries, CO2 makes up more than 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
    The use of Solaris diesel can significantly affect this statistics. Our dieselgas blend is more friendly to the atmosphere than traditional diesel powered engines, since it reduces the influence of exhaust gases on the greenhouse effect. The addition of gas allows for almost complete combustion of diesel. Research conducted by Poznan University of Technology indicates that carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is 4.5% lower when using our system.
  2.     Particulates – or carcinogenic fractions that float in the air commiting to urban smog. They are small enough to easily penetrate deeply into the human respiratory system. Human beings inhaling these particles expose their bodies to serious illnesses such as upper respiratory tract inflammation, asthma and cancer. Results announced in March of this year of tests conducted by the National Heart and Lung Institute in the UK, showed that there is a very negative impact of particulates on the human lung. These very small particles, can easily get into the alveoli and negatively affect their nerve endings.
  3.  The solid particles emited by diesel engines are a mixture of soot and soluble organic fractions. Research made by Transport Institute in Warsaw shows that the usage of the Solaris Diesel system, reduces particulate matter in the exhaust gas by 85%.  This result without exaggeration can be called a milestone in the fight against air pollution in large cities.
  4.    Fuel – as you know, the sources of all conventional fuels will be eventually exhausted. With regards to crude oil a variety of sources say that its extraction will continue for only 20 to 40 years. Everything points to a conclusion that there’s a great need for saving natural resources.
  5.  Companies who have benefited from Solaris Diesel notice significant savings due to lower diesel consumption in converted vehicles. By adding LPG / CNG injection to the engines the company’s fleet becomes more economical. This results in smaller diesel consumption, in the long run the entire fleet saves thousands of liters of fuel. Of course, it is worth mentioning that very often companies allocate saved funds  in further innovations, doing even more for the environment.