VII Europejski Kongres Gospodarczy w Katowicach

The VII European Economic Congress took place in Katowice on April 20-22. There were a number of important talks and meetings. Although everything revolved around theoretical issues, all statements may be of considerable importance in the government decision process and for daily operation of companies.

A number of issues were mentioned that relate to today’s macro and micro-economic links. Participants debated on issues such as: EU investments, climate protection, energy policy, natural resources, renewable energy, infrastructure, transport, and even health care. Of great importance were economic relations of Europe-China and Europe-Africa.

It is impossible to list all topics discussed during the Congress. However, it is worthwhile to focus on the most widely and most important topic of the entire Congress, which is “Innovation”. This innovation has been discussed in every dimension. Starting with funding through promotion, and finishing on the future full of innovative solutions that are designed to stimulate growth and to be a recipe for further technological development.

Innovation in Poland is now very important, as shown by a program started by the  Ministry of Environment to support innovation in the field of ecology – GreenEvo 2015. So we all see the course of action. We are extremely pleased that we are taking part in it with our innovative product – Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel.