Dual Fuel Systems w Skandynawii

After the Eastern European markets, North America, Spain, Malta and Belgium the time has come for Scandinavia. We just got back from Finland and we are very impressed with the local culture and  highly developed economy. 

It is common knowledge that countries of the north are modern, innovative and and care about their environment. These three words also fit the characteristics of Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel.

Our plans include cooperation with local installers and expanding our network of partners. Finland has introduced us to hard-working and open people who live there. It is worthwhile to promote our system around Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo.

Several arguments speak for ecological and modern solutions for diesel engines in Scandinavia. Firstly,  people who are always looking for new solutions and do not remain passive in improving what already is already there. Secondly, looking at the beautiful scenery it is natural to think about protecting it. Reduced emissions of carbon oxides and particulate matter is one of the solutions, that should greatly improve air quality, which affects the environment and human health. Thirdly, it is a developed economy and that means a large number of vehicles used in transport and communication. Each “cured” diesel means a better future for humans, wildlife and companies looking for savings. The answer may be the installation of LPG / CNG in diesel engines.

In summary, our start on the other side of the Baltic Sea was very successful. We are looking forward to expand our network and establish further business contacts. We can already say that we have chosen another good direction of development for our company.