Statistical data clearly show that Poland has the most registered number of trucks among all EU countries. Why we are such power in this area? What does it mean and what Polish transport companies expect?

Statistical data :

top 5 w ilości tirów


The reasons of Polish power in that matter are many. The two most important ones are: geographical location and entrepreneurship of poles. 

Once the geographical location was a barrier. Those days are over! Today in a world of free trade and with a huge way of imports and exports curse has become an opportunity. Poland provides a transit transport routes which can run only this way. West-east and east-west are the most important directions of Polish carriers. The mountainous Czech Republic and Slovakia are not able to replace newly built highways in the lowland central Poland. Both the Baltic countries and Russia are almost forced to transport their goods through the territory of our country. So it is with the countries of the west of the Oder river. Germany and France wanting to sell their goods and transport them usually choose journey through Poland. We should also remember about north-south transport route (Scandinavian countries, the Balkan states continued maritime transport on land). All of that result with the fact that many foreign manufacturers and distributors began to wonder about  promotional offers of Polish transport companies.



From Warsaw is “close to everywhere”, it is cheaper, faster, have less regulation and controlling issue – these arguments convince  foreign companies to cooperate with Poles. And related to this is another reason about transport “boom” by the Vistula river. In Poland strongly associated with the ability of using  chance given to us. Poles sensed almost immediately that they are in a good position and some efforts should be made to develop businesses. A large part of the holders of trucks acknowledged that it is worth even take the risk and invest money without even full occupancy of the fleet. And it pay off! Today we are on the first place and it has association with certain effects, but also risks.

Almost everyone in the industry were impressed how quickly the Poles conquered the transport market in Europe. Satisfied was also Polish government which without greater effort recorded an increase profits from taxes and fees. However it is known that, according to free-market economy rule: “while some are gaining others lose it”. Apart to creation strong competition for western companies it formed a huge space to fill. Schengen Area which has been considerably expanded  increase  the transport industry.

 We all know the new regulations in Germany and France. Some fear that this is just the beginning. Only the reaction of entrepreneurs and state government depend on whether the measures against Polish companies will be introduced in other Member States or whether the newly introduced changes will be sustained.


Another obstacle are current sanctions, which are more political than economical. Nothing affects market like turns in politics. Sanctions mean that we are dealing with a range of products that we can not export outside  EU. This works of course in both directions. However, now rather we are dealing with a short-term crisis.

Focus of Polish transport companies are now facing west and to our capital, where Polish government give a considerable profit from the current industry growth, so  should cooperate and respond as quickly as possible. Now it seems as quite time in that matter. Maybe it’s because of the upcoming elections …

Kto wie, może właśnie teraz przyszedł czas na kolejny krok i dokona się to ponownie dzięki polskiej kreatywności.

What is the aim of transport companies in this political and economic realities? What direction will be choose? As you know: Poles did not give up easily. All faced problems can cause that entrepreneurs will try new ways to strengthen the European market. How is this possible? For example popular now  wave of technological solutions which  are not allowed on German market. Dual fuel systems or GPS software are  increasing way of driving and driver safety, and they are just some of the solutions, which are offer by  owners of transport companies. Who knows maybe now is the time for the next step and will be make because of the Polish creativity