On 19 June at 12.00 in Warsaw took place  General Assembly of the founding members Eurasian Chamber  KZ-EURO-PL. In addition to the creation of the organization was selected structure itself and goals which will be systematically realized.


The meeting took place as planned. First spoke initiator of the meeting, the ambassador of Kazakhstan Erik Utembajew. Then at the Center for Banking and Financial Nowy Świat began to create structures. Selected members of the Board and members of the Audit Committee. Which  member is also  Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel representative.

What is the purpose of our involvement in this project? Kazakhstan is one of the strongly growing markets in terms of technology and ecology. The largest cities in Kazakhstan have  problems with smog and transportation is dependent on diesel. Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel offering  innovative technology gas/diesel, which can make a real impact on  reduction of exhaust emissions and lower operating costs.

Eurasian Chamber of KZ-EURO-PL can simplyfy and accelerate the carrying out of investments in Kazakhstan. Assembly was attended by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan and representatives of the Embassy, ​​representatives of the Polish government and  private investors.



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