Poland faces a 1 bilion Euro fine for air quality failure – our comment

Polish Ministry has been cautioned by the European Commission about exceeding allowed air quality norms in our country. This news has been reported by Gazeta Wyborcza (a nationwide daily newspaper), and Maciej Grabowski, the Minister of Environment, almost immediately spoke out on this matter.

The Ministry ensures, that there is intense work being done to improve the situation. Minister Grabowski pointed out, that a huge role could be played by the National Air Protection Program (KPOP). Details of these activities are not yet known to us. All we know, is that it is supposed to take a form of a strategic document, that will show our provincial governments how to successfuly fight air pollution.

As a company with an ecological mission we strive to improve the air quality in Poland. It is worth while to look at what the dieselgas market has to offer. The Poznan University of Technology report shows, that a dieselgas system installed in a Diesel vehicle not only saves money on fuel, but also producess less pollution, ie. lowering CO2 emmisions. There are still no government incentives for installing such systems.

Poznan University of Technology test results

Above analysis shows one of the solutions to the Polish environmental problem. Will companies and Polish government think of that option?