Locomotive on LPG

Impossible became possible. We present the first locomotive with Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel.

Together, with our partner in Kazakhstan, Green Auto Service, we have installed Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel system in the TEM2-278 Diesel locomotive. TEM2 is a maneuver locomotive, equipped with a diesel fuel tank with capacity of 5400 liters. The installed Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel system is accompanied by 5 LPG tanks (180 liters each), 3 LPG reducers and special telemetry system made especially for the locomotive.

Thanks to the Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel solution, the locomotive does not require direct support from technicians to set up the gas system parameters, all settings can be performed through remote connection. From now on, this locomotive will work in an enviromental friendly way, and in the addition its owner – one of the largest logistics and transport companies in Kazakhstan – will start saving money on Diesel costs.