FUEL FUSION is an alternative, two-fuel system for Diesel engines that uses LPG or CNG. The system limits the injection of Diesel fuel and in its place injects a precise amount of gas.

The addition of gas allows almost complete combustion of Diesel fuel . Diesel engines burn most of the injected Diesel fuel, but there is always some left in the exhaust gases. These exhaust gases include greenhouse gas ( CO 2 ) and carcinogenic particulate matter ( PM ), among others.

More efficient Diesel fuel combustion also has a positive effect on the engine power and torque , and at the same time does not adversely affect engine life. Driving on a Dual Fuel supply is a solution that brings financial and ecological benefits , and at the same time does not influence the safe and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.

Maximum proportions of Diesel and Gas mixture

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* depending on engine design, vehicle type and work performed

CNG or LPG gas in a diesel engine is a supplementary fuel . Contrary to gas installations in gasoline engines, it does not completely replace the original fuel with gas . The gas added to the air-fuel mixture becomes a catalyst for its combustion and contributes to more efficient use of Diesel fuel.

Save on fuel costs 10% or more

The amount of savings that a vehicle equipped with FUEL FUSION can bring depends on:

  • the difference in Diesel and gas prices,
  • distance travelled by vehicle each month
  • Diesel consumption

A system you can rely on

Trouble free use

Doesn't require extensive driver training

Parameters recording

Working parameters are continuously recorded in internal memory

Consumption reports

Create Diesel and gas consumption reports


Auto-diagnostics protecting your engine

Computer control

Gas injection and system operation are controlled by an electronic controller

Easy assembly

Installation does not require any changes to the engine structure


FUEL FUSION is the only system that allows you to obtain reports of the working parameters of the vehicle and the gas injection system itself. The data is saved on an ongoing basis in the controller’s ( ECU ) internal memory and is available via a USB port.

For the period specified by the user, you can generate a report containing, among others:

  • gas consumption
  • Diesel consumption
  • Dual Duel mode operation time
  • gas tank empty information