What is dual fuel?2016-07-04T16:08:09+02:00

Dual fuel, or diesel-gas mixture, is an alternative fuel system for diesel engines. The engine works on a mixture of diesel and LPG/CNG. Diesel is partially replaced by a dose of LPG/CNG.

What is the difference between a gas system for diesel engines and gas system for petrol engines?2016-07-04T16:10:22+02:00

In the system for petrol engines gas replaces 100% of petrol fuel. In the system for diesel engines gas replaces part of diesel fuel (gas and diesel are injected at the same time). Both systems automatically switch to original fuel when the vehicle runs out of gas.

Which vehicles can be equipped with Fuel Fusion?2018-12-14T13:25:49+01:00

Fuel Fusion can be installed on any vehicle or machine with a diesel engine.

Are there any permanent changes made to the engine during installation?2016-07-04T16:11:26+02:00


Can gas shorten the lifespan of a diesel engine?2016-07-04T16:12:38+02:00


How much time does the installation take?2016-07-04T16:13:29+02:00

It takes from 12 to 16 hours, or two working days.

Is it necessary to make road tests or dyno tests after installation?2018-12-14T13:27:03+01:00

No. Fuel Fusion system does not need any tests to calibrate. After installation the vehicle drives on diesel only while the gas system monitors the engine parameters, after that the gas system performs self-calibration.

Why does Fuel Fusion inject gas before the turbocharger?2018-12-14T13:28:16+01:00

Fuel Fusion requires the gas injection nozzles to be placed before the turbocharger for several reasons. First of all, injecting gas this way allows obtaining the best air and gas mixture from just two gas injectors. In this case the turbocharger acts as a mixer. Secondly, this is the safest place to inject gas, because there is no high pressure (turbo charge) before the turbocharger. Thanks to this solution LPG/CNG can be injected at a significantly lower pressure, which provides more safety during vehicle operation (lower pressure in gas tubes and in gas reducer).

My installation doesn’t work properly, what should I do?2016-07-04T16:15:43+02:00

Please follow instructions in your User’s Manual or contact with your nearest dual fuel specialist, who will check online for any errors (in the case of the system with telemetry) or direct your vehicle to a workshop.

What is the impact of Fuel Fusion on driver’s driving style?2018-12-14T13:32:48+01:00

When the vehicle is equipped with Fuel Fusion the driver can drive in higher gear. Increase in power and torque is an advantage, but cannot be used as vehicle tuning. We have observed examples of average speed increase in vehicles after conversion. You must remember, that this increase comes at a cost. With Fuel Fusion you can take advantage of a more flexible engine or a more economical engine, you can also combine the two to fit your needs.

What kind of savings will Fuel Fusion deliver?2018-12-14T13:29:44+01:00

Diesel is replaced with LPG in 20-25% or with CNG in 50-70%. Savings are dependent on diesel and LPG/CNG prices in your area.

Why is Fuel Fusion ecological?2018-12-14T13:30:06+01:00

Diesel and gas mixture allows diesel fuel to be almost completely burned up, which results in reduction of emissions of harmful substances (CO2, NOX and solid particles).

Will I have any problems during a BAG control in Germany?2016-07-04T16:24:32+02:00

If a vehicle is equipped with the LPG installation and this fact is noted by the authorities of a given country in the vehicle’s registration documents, then Bundesamt für Güterverkehr assumes that the diesel + gas installation is legal. But if the control determines that in the installation there are some defects that may cause danger for the driver or other participants of the road, than the vehicle may be stopped until the defect eliminated. It should be taken into consideration that LPG/CNG is a dangerous product. If the total capacity of all vehicle’s tanks (diesel and gas) on a unit (truck and semitrailer) does not exceed 1500 liters, then it is exempted from the ADR regulation.

Will a vehicle equipped with Fuel Fusion loose its homologations and factory emission norms?2018-12-14T13:32:00+01:00

NO – According to homologations issued by the Motor Transport Institute and approved by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy based on homologation tests performed by MTI our dual fuel system and conversion method meets all requirements set forth by Art. 68 paragraph 7 of the Act dated 20th of June 1997 of the Road Traffic Law (Journal of Laws from 2005, Nr 108, p. 908 with amendments). The certificate of approval includes, among others, the conditions and regulations contained in the UNECE Agreement on uniform technical prescriptions for motor vehicles, equipment and parts which can be used on motor vehicles and the recognition of approvals granted on the basis of these prescriptions, made in Geneva on 20th of March 1958 (Journal of Laws from 2001, Nr 104, p. 1135 and 1136).

Where to refill LPG/CNG in Europe2016-07-04T16:23:53+02:00

Map of LPG stations in Europe: http://www.mylpg.eu/stations/

Map of CNG stations in Europe: http://cngeurope.com/

What type of LPG adapters are needed in Europe?2016-07-04T16:22:58+02:00

Italian type – Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Swiss, Ukraine

Dutch type (bayonet) – Denmark, Great Britian, the Netherland, North Ireland, Norway, Spain

German type – Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britian, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Swiss

Euroconnector type – Portugal, Spain

Can I increase the EURO emissions standard after conversion to dual-fuel system?2016-07-04T16:21:55+02:00

According to test results the emissions are reduced. You should check your local legislature for possibilities on upgrading you EURO emissions norms.

Can I use EUROTUNNEL?2016-07-04T16:26:13+02:00

No. Vehicles equipped with LPG or any other gas or vehicles equipped in dual fuel system cannot use Eurotunnel Le Shuttle even if:

  • LPG tank or alternative is empty
  • LPG system or alternative is off

More information available at: http://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/site-information/lpg/

Can I use Gotthard-Strassentunnel in Switzerland when my vehicle is equipped with Autogas system?2016-07-04T16:26:53+02:00

YES. Based on the official statement of Kantonspolizei Uri all vehicles equipped with Autogas systems can use the Swiss Gottard-Strassentunnel.

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