A while ago we had the opportunity to install Fuel Fusion with CNG in Scania R440 truck owned by Uniwar Group. The company is known in the business environment for their wide range of business fields they are present. They own gas stations, car washes or restaurants with catering. But above all they work in transport The vehicle, in which we have installed Fuel Fusion, is used in aggregate quarry.

Scania R440

We don’t have to introduce you to the Swedish company Scania. It exists from 1891 and produces trucks from 1902. Currently it is known in the whole world, employs over 37 thousands people and produces about 120 thousands trucks each year.

One of its most popular vehicle is Scania R440. It is one of the “R” series, which was awarded “Truck of the Year” three times. No wonder it is so popular and it is widely used by companies.

The Scania R440 has a reputation as a reliable vehicle suitable for both long international routes and local driving. Mechanics praise them due to the high availability of consumables. Even though the vehicle doesn’t burn more than the average truck, it still consumes a lot of diesel, especially when it’s heavily loaded. Although the Scania R440 is powered by a fairly powerful engine, even it cannot provide enough power in difficult conditions and under heavy loads.

Scania z Fuel Fusion

Scania R440 with CNG belongs to the Uniwar Group

Quarry trucks don’t have an easy life. Very often they have to move on uneven terrain, mountainous roads, carrying a very heavy load. The Scania R440 of the Uniwar Group often carried loads weighing 40 tons. Such a load, combined with the demanding mountain terrain, was a real challenge for the driver.

Installation of Fuel Fusion made things easier. Thanks to it, it is possible to partially replace the burned diesel fuel with gas. The mixture of diesel and gas burns more fully, so the process produces more energy. As a result, the machine has noticeably more power.

It is this gain of power that has become the greatest advantage of this vehicle – especially in the eyes of its driver. After installing Fuel Fusion, he no longer had problems with driving up any hills – even with maximum load.

Montaż Fuel Fusion z CNG

CNG – fuel not very popular in Poland – why did the client choose it?

Not everyone in Poland knows, that LPG is not the only gas, that is used to power the vehicles. Most people, who hears, that the car has got gas installation, instantly connects it with LPG. Nothing strange in that, it is the most often used alternative fuel in our country. Besides that, it is worth to know, that there are alternatives. CNG and LNG are also used to power vehicles.

Fuel Fusion is a universal system and it is prepared to work with CNG, LNG or LPG. The choice of the type of installation depends on the client’s choice. What should you consider choosing the type of installation? The biggest influence on your decision should have the difference of price of the Diesel oil and gas – the bigger it gets, the more you could save. You should also pay attention to its availability in your country.

In this case, the owner of Scania decided to install CNG, because there was a refuelling station close to the company where it could be purchased.

Zbiorniki CNG do Scanii

In most cases, in Poland we install systems for LPG – they are popular because of their price and huge availability. On the other hand, we will probably not find vehicles with an LNG installation, because the Polish legislator has not yet provided for such a possibility, and in addition there are very few distribution points in our country. Let us remember that we are only talking about polish realities. In other countries, the situation will be different. Companies from countries where a combination of diesel oil and LNG is allowed may consider an installation with such a mixture of fuels.


Scania R440 is the vehicle, that works in very difficult conditions. Despite the fact that its engines are characterized by high power, the vehicle needed more power when driving on mountain’s roads when fully loaded. Fortunately, those times are over. Fuel Fusion added power to Scania, thanks to which the previous challenges ceased to be any problem for it. Now the vehicle drives so well that the driver enjoys the installation even more than the owner.

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