LPG system for Diesel power generators

Do you produce your own electricity using expensive diesel?
It will be cheaper with LPG installation!

If you have a power generator with a diesel engine that consumes 15 liters of diesel fuel per hour or more, then this proposal is for you!

A power generator with a capacity of more than 100 kW (125 kVA) can consume at least 15 liters of diesel per hour, and 500 kVA even 80 liters and more.

generator pradu lpg
lpg do generatorów prądu

By installing an LPG installation in a power generator, we can replace up to 40% of diesel fuel with gas.

Tell us what power generator you have and we will prepare a solution for you

generator prądu lpg
generator prądu na lpg

You can use a propane-butane tank of any capacity to power the power generator. Depending on the consumption of diesel fuel and the working time of the generator, we will calculate the necessary capacity of the tanks and adjust the doses of gas.

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