GasShow 2015 exhibition has ended – we return aware of our success

On March 5-6 we have participated in the Gas Show 2015 event. Thousands of visitors, hundreds of conversations i questions about our innovative product Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel. We have gained several new customers, a lot of new friends and experience, that will pay off in the coming year.

How did it go? What it looked like from behind the scenes? You can read all about it below.

It all started a few months ago. Our preparations were concerned strictly with our new product. We knew long before the exhibition, that Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel will surprise everyone. Nevertheless, we have been looking for ways to present our product without missing any of its advantages. We’ve worked on flyers, catalogues, exhibition stand, gadgets and a working model of our system.

Especially for the Gas Show we have prepared elements shown in the pictures, as well as a working model of Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel

One day before the exhibition we have left our headquarters checking twice if we have packed everything. After all, it is a three hundred kilometers drive. In Warsaw at the exhibition center, we have been assigned place “i5” where we could organize our exhibition stand. We have worked on technical and visual details until late at night.

Our exhibition stand – work in progress

In the first day of the exhibition, almost from the start, the greatest attention was given to our working model of Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel system. The model allowed everyone to test how the system works in practice. After pressing the acceleration pedal everyone could hear the system work, and when someone has “put the pedal to the metal” the Driver’s Asisstant would start its allerts. The model had also many other elements, whose functions were proudly presented by our specialists.

At times there were line-ups to see our system model.

Our exhibition stand and presentation of Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel during GasShow 2015

Guests, that were visiting our stand were interested in the product and its working details. We have answered questions about installing the system and the use of its components. Some guests were interested in savings resulting from the correct use of Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel, and some were interested in its positive impact on the environment.

We have tried to answer all of the questions, and when necessary, we have passed our business cards and asked to meet us in Poznan for a detailed presentation. The most difficult issues were explained by Mr Henryk Rewers – the CEO of Dual Fuel Systems Ltd. – who has welcomed the most important guests. We have been visited by owners of other companies, engineers, and people interested in the technology. There were also people known from the world of politics and media.

Conversations at our “i5” exhibition stand at Gas Show 2015 lasted from dawn to dusk

Together with preparations, return and summing up the Gas Show 2015 exhibition required more than several days of hard work. Although we couldn’t feel our legs anymore, and our voices changed by a few tones, we have always had energy to smile. In the most difficult moments we have been energized by the positive attitude of our team.

Our team and the Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel stand

We return to Poznan satisfied. With our own eyes we have seen how the gas market is developing in Poland and what huge role can be played by Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel. We have gained a load of new contacts and have got the good impression, that we have started a new era of diesel-gas solutions.

We have already started the countdown until the next Gas Show. This time the organizers have decided to extend the event to three days. This shows how attractive this event is and how it evolves.

See you on 17-19 of March 2016.

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