Black White Energy – our partners in Nigeria!

Nigeria is a huge market with great demand for cheaper energy – in production of electricity, transportation and in the industry. That makes Fuel Fusion an answer to the problems of that region. The diesel-engine machines are very common there – every business has got at least one power generator, almost every has got a truck, combine, tractor, loader, dump truck and other heavy machine that runs on diesel. Converting them with Fuel Fusion is a great chance for big savings.

The difference between prices of Diesel  and gas in Nigeria are huge. Partial replacement of Diesel  gives great savings and makes the investment in the system pay for itself very fast.

The system is universal, so it can easily meet all of the client’s needs. It can be installed in trucks, power generators, agricultural machinery, building machinery, garbage trucks and many, many more. Basically, it works with every machine with diesel engine in it – doesn’t matter the brand. Thanks to that its potential on the Nigerian market is nearly limitless.

The key part of the satisfying usage of the system is its installation. It has to be done by experienced, fully trained technician. That why we needed great engineer to help us with that.

Fortunately, this challenge was overcomed with help of our trusted, Nigerian business partner – Black White Energy Nigeria LTD. It is a company that is located in Lagos in Nigeria, installing Fuel Fusion

Black White Energy Ltd. is our official representative with highly experienced technical team. They are professionals that, in addiction to sales, also perform installation of FUEL FUSION system and train new technicians.

Since we have started our cooperation, Black White Energy Nigeria LTD converted many diesel machines in Nigeria, mostly in Lagos and Abuja.