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SOLARIS DIESEL is our previous dual fuel system, for which we continue to provide full technical support.

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Automatic calibration of gas injection – after the conversion the vehicle leaves the workshop without the need to return with a load, it continues to perform its normal work, during that time the system records the Diesel engine parameters and based on them, calculates gas injection maps. Next, the technician switches the system on and the vehicle continues to work on a mixture of Diesel and gas.

Showing consumption of both Diesel and gas – the system shows instant consumption of both fuels in real time through an internet interface, and allows to create consumption reports for time intervals set by the user.

Remote diagnostics and settings – the system allows to monitor dual fuel system performance, make adjustments in settings and diagnose potential problems in a vehicle that is hundreds or thousands kilometers away.

Gas refilling sensors – based on the data form gas refilling sensors the system records the date and time of gas refilling and allows to include that data in reports.

Driver’s Assistant – electronic eco driving trainer, always with the driver, the system enables making driving technique reports and sending alarms.


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